Hope Stories

When a medical condition impacts the brain or spine, patients and their families naturally experience a wide range of emotions. But along with feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear, hope frequently can coexist. Our patients have taught us that while success is not universal when the brain or spine is affected, it is often within reach. The following "Hope Stories," told with the permission of our patients, present satisfactory solutions to challenging neurological situations.  As you are reading, please remember that every patient is unique. Results of neurological care are not always the same.

Specialized physical therapy helps Sara reduce effects of pelvic floor dysfunction

The difficulty started, Sara remembers, with pain and stiffness in her core. She suffered some sharp pain in her abdomen after her third C-section. Sleeping through the night and emptying her bladder became issues. Her hips sometimes locked up getting up off the floor while playing with her kids.

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Sara's Story

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Alex's Story

Alex's story

Brain cyst

"One day I called home and asked my wife Melissa, 'Do I have a meeting today?'" he recalled. "She was saying, 'Alex, that meeting was yesterday. Come home now. We're going to the ER.'" At the hospital, doctors soon discovered a large mass near the center of Alex's brain.

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Mayfield Spine Athlete

Most of us don’t give much thought to the spine – an engineering wonder of disk-buffered vertebrae that allows us to twist, bend, and lift. "For most people the spine is an invisible component of their lives – until it goes bad," says retired Mayfield neurosurgeon William Tobler, MD. "But once it goes bad, it’s a lifestyle-changer."

If you are undergoing treatment for a back problem, are facing surgery, or are simply fortunate enough to have a healthy back, now is the perfect time to start thinking like a "spine athlete,"  Dr. Tobler says. "Just as a professional athlete trains constantly, spine athletes benefit by becoming disciplined with regard to their conditioning and healthy living."

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Here are the stories of some of our spine athletes.

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Diagnosis: Progressive adult idiopathic kyphoscoliosis

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Diagnosis: Spondylolisthesis

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Diagnosis: Foraminal stenosis

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Diagnosis: Herniated lumbar disc

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Diagnosis: Disc
degeneration & herniation

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Diagnosis: Herniated discs