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When it comes to treating a stroke, remember this: Time is Brain!

The sooner those suffering stroke symptoms are treated, the better chance they have for full recovery. Care can come through injection of a clot-dissolving drug, known as tPA, or a surgical procedure to remove the clot, called a thrombectomy. Most strokes are ischemic, with a blocked artery inside the brain. Others are hemorrhagic strokes, bleeding on the brain from a ruptured blood vessel.

Mayfield neurosurgeons are building a network of "thrombectomy-ready" stroke centers at Greater Cincinnati's leading health systems, saving crucial minutes and providing the best and fastest stroke care.

Technology also is improving stroke care. Mayfield is pioneering the use of an early-alert system that can reduce the time it takes to get stroke patients into surgery. Powered by, the technology uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to quickly identify those who might be suffering a stroke. The tool instantly analyzes the scan and data from millions of other cases in minutes to help physicians determine whether the patient is experiencing a large-vessel occlusion, a severe ischemic stroke. Text alerts instantly go out to the entire stroke team on a secure messaging platform.

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"People who saw me, they all were astonished," Jamie said. "I know that getting there quickly saved my life."     JAMIE'S STORY >

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If you notice signs of a stroke,
think "BE FAST" and call 911.