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One in 50 people will develop a brain aneurysm.

An aneurysm is a balloon-like bulge in an artery wall. As an aneurysm grows, it puts pressure on nearby structures and may eventually rupture. Most people find out they have an aneurysm by chance during a scan for some other problem. The risk of rupture varies, depending on the aneurysm's location and size.

Fortunately, only 1 percent of all brain aneurysms rupture, an event that can lead to permanent disability or death. A ruptured aneurysm releases blood into the spaces around the brain, causing a life-threatening type of stroke. Treatment focuses on stopping the bleeding and repairing the aneurysm.

If you've been diagnosed with an unruptured aneurysm, it's very important to understand your specific risk of rupture and weigh the pros and cons of all treatment options. At Mayfield, our Neurovascular team is highly skilled in BOTH surgical clipping and bypass as well as endovascular coiling, stenting and flow diversion.

If you have been diagnosed with an unruptured aneurysm, you can discuss your specific risk and treatment options with your neurosurgeon.

Aneurysm treatments:


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