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Mayfield Fax Numbers

Access & Care Coordination:
513-569-5339 > All New Patient Fax Referrals

Rookwood: 513-684-4501 - Drs. Bohinski, Carruthers, Krueger, Orlando, Tobler, Whitten; David Doyle, PA-C, Lauren Gilmore, NP, Sean Lynch, PA-C, Jody Miniard, NP

Rookwood: 513-891-1734 - Drs. DiNapoli, Gozal, Hlubek, Kachmann, Mandybur, Ringer, Tackla, Warnick; Brittany Bergman Kaser, PA-C, Angela Kramig, PA-C, Kate Walters, PA-C

West Chester: 513-569-5298 - Dr. Arand, Dana Brown, NP
West Chester: 513-569-5312 - Drs. Curt, Groh, Merz, Kristine Atchley, NP, Jessica Fortman, PA-C

Crestview Hills: 859-341-3913 - Drs. Bailey, Nichols, Skidmore, Wunder; Scott Basham NP

Western Hills: 513-451-4514 - Dr. McPherson, Dr. Ostling, Dr. Tempel, Gerald Brown, NP, Kara Rhoads, PA-C

Physical Therapy: 513-569-5225