National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mayfield physicians and associates are recognizing National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) by wearing pink every Tuesday in October. These special "out-of-uniform" days are a visual reminder for us and others to promote the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

What can you do?

  • Schedule a mammogram and remind friends and family members to do the same. The American Cancer Society recommends yearly mammograms starting at age 40.

  • Remember the importance of monthly self breast exams. Women and men should know how their breasts normally feel and report any breast change promptly to their health care providers.

  • Learn more! There is a wealth of information available on the web. Here are a few sites to help get you started.

American Cancer Society:
Susan G. Komen for the Cure:
Pink Ribbon Girls:
Wellness Community:
Breast Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati:

Please join us in promoting breast cancer awareness. Early detection can make all the difference.


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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month visit