Why Choose Mayfield?

  • We care for over 25,000 patients from around the world each year.
  • We promote faster recovery with minimally invasive surgery when possible.
  • We use clinical outcomes to continuously improve our service.
  • Four out of five patients recommend Mayfield to their family and friends.
  • To make an appointment call:

    Appointments for Brain Conditions

    Call 513-221-1100

    or toll-free 800-325-7787
    to speak to an Initial Care Specialist

    Appointments for Spine Conditions

    Call 513-221-1100

    or toll-free 800-325-7787

    Book Online

    with our convenient, self-scheduling program for new patients

    Appointments for Physical Therapy

    Call 513-569-5220

    during regular business hours, and we will get you scheduled as soon as possible.

    If you are already seeing a Mayfield provider, that office can assist you in making an appointment.

    Communicating with your doctor

    My Mayfield is our online patient portal where you can receive secure email from the doctor's office, request medication refills, and view your chart summary.

    You must be registered in our system to obtain a PIN number. Talk to one of our Initial Care Specialists about our online services.