Neurosurgery residents honored with Dunsker, Tew, Zuccarello research awards

CINCINNATI –Jennifer Kosty, MD, a fifth-year resident in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine, is the 2017 winner of the Ellen and Stewart B. Dunsker, MD, Award for Clinical Research.

Graduating Resident Steven Gogela, MD, is this year"s winner of the John M. Tew, Jr., MD, Award for Neuro-Oncology Research. And Christopher Carroll, MD, a fifth-year resident, is the winner of the first Gabriella and Mario Zuccarello, MD Award for Cerebrovascular Research.

The awards, judged by members of the Department of Neurosurgery, were announced during the 34th Mayfield Neuroscience Symposium at the UC College of Medicine. The winners were awarded a cash prize ($2,000 for the Dunsker and Tew awards, $3,000 for the Zuccarello Award). The event coincided with graduation ceremonies for Dr. Gogela and Yair Gozal, MD, PhD.

Dr. Kosty was honored for her examination of 'Quadricortical parapedicular technique for instrumentation of small C2 pedicles: a technical note.'
Dr. Gogela (pronounced Go-GELL-ah) was honored for "Dosimetric Predictors of Radionecrosis Risk in Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Cerebral Metastases."
Dr. Carroll was honored for "Porcine Model of Early Cortical Infarction after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage."

The Dunsker, Tew and Zuccarello awards seek to spur research by neurosurgical residents at UC. Drs. Dunsker, Tew and Zuccarello are nationally recognized neurosurgeons who have had outstanding careers with Mayfield Brain & Spine and the UC Department of Neurosurgery.

Dunsker Award Winners

  • 2008 Andrew Losiniecki, MD
  • 2009 Andrew Grande, MD
  • 2010 Ellen Air, MD, PhD
  • 2011 Dean Hertzler, MD
  • 2012 Chad Farley, MD
  • 2013 Joseph Serrone, MD
  • 2014 Ben Bixenmann, MD
  • 2015 Daniel Harwell, MD
  • 2016 Steven Gogela, MD
  • 2017 Jennifer Kosty, MD
  • Tew Award Winners

  • 2014 Christopher Sanders Taylor, MD
  • 2016 Jennifer Kosty, MD
  • 2017 Steven Gogela, MD

  • Zuccarello Award Winners

  • 2017 Christopher Carroll, MD

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